Invited Speaker

Dr. Kirill Nikolaevich Voinov

Dr. Kirill Nikolaevich Voinov

Professor, Saint-Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics, Russia
Speech Title: Different Aspects Connected with The Lubricants

Abstract: In this paper we describe many important aspects connected with the lubricants, how effectively save lubricant between pairs of friction? What kind of rational shapes for the lubricant must be and what it will be connected with wear and tear using the new organic lubricant? New devices to control adhesion and quality for different lubricants (plastic and liquid).

Moreover, there is one physical model which helps to catch car exhausted gases and carcinogenic evaporations.

Keywords: new organic lubricant; plastic; holding lubricant in mechanisms; clear ecology air; catch gases and evaporations.

Biography: I was born in Leningrad, graduated from the Railway Institute. I was working during a year at the plant and in 1966 had defended my first thesis and became a person with higher degree in technique. My second dissertation I defended in Moscow working in Machine-building Institute. I’m a professor, leader in my scientific and educational labs which I had created. Moreover, I’m an inventor and had got about 80 inventions and patents in different fields (21 test benches for pairs of friction, carriages, reservoir-cars, equipment, lubricants, computer programme, modeling, tools, devices, new basketball, road surfacing, medicine and so on). I published more than 480 articles, brochures, books, text-books (one in Spain in English), 7 monographs. I’ve a bronze medal for my job and have two diplomas as a prize-winner. In 1998 I had finished a month course in Manchester Business School. I am interested reliability of mechanical systems, ecology, tribology, technology, management, design, and computer. I worked out a new method how to teach listeners giving them till 5 subjects in high school during one lecture simultaneously and how to deepen their knowledge when they don’t forget the main information obtained for the first courses of teaching till their old age. I won many emulations. I like to solve different tasks connected with the engineering and management and so forth. I am a punctual and sociable man, have good memory and like to fulfil my new plans ahead of time. Ultra-top-notch results are obtained when we can repair or restore the clearance in a journal bearing without full dismantling. Recently I got the Diploma and became the Prize-winner in the Concurs for my text-book.
Kirill Nikolaevich Voinov, I am the Head of “Tribology scientific laboratory”, Academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences in Saint-Petersburg and the member in our Academy in Moscow. Many years I was the Chief of the Chair “Theory of mechanisms and robot-technical systems”& tribo-lab and now I’m the professor ” at the Universities ITMO&GASU in Saint-Petersburg.