Invited Speaker

Dr. Darmawan Napitupulu

Dr. Darmawan Napitupulu

Assistant Professor, Research Center for Policy and Management of Science, Technology
and Innovation, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Indonesia
Speech Title: The classification of water quality based on K-Means algorithm

Abstract: A classification algorithm is used to assign predefined classes to test instances for evaluation or future instances to an application. This study conducted a clustering or classification model to determine water quality using K-Means algorithm. The water quality is very important in ensuring people get clean water to drink for their health. Application of KMeans algorithm as a data mining method is used in this study to predict clean water based on the water quality parameters. The result showed that the classification using K-Means algorithm could be applied to classify/predict the clean and not clean water.

Biography: Dr. Darmawan Napitupulu earned his PhD degree at Computer Science Department, Universitas Indonesia in 2016. Since 2005, he had been working in Indonesian Institute of Sciences, the national government research center in Indonesia. During his research, he has held as different academic positions such as chair of research group, reviewer and journal editor. He also served as lecturer in Universitas Budi Luhur at Post Graduate Program in Computer Science. His research interests are mainly in the fields of Computer Science and Information System especially Technology Diffusion, Technology & Innovation, Management, Data Mining and Decision Support System. He has published more than 100 journal papers and proceedings.

After Dr. Darmawan Napitupulu starting his international collaboration in 2016, he has organized the International Joint Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (IJCSET) as a chair. IJCSET is a joint conference of ICSET (International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology) and ICSSH (International Conference on Social Science and Humanities. To date, Dr. Darmawan Napitupulu has also supervised some PhD and master students from different universities in Indonesia and Malaysia.